Honey OATH Hive

This is our most common hive and the one we recommend for most purposes. 

The honey OATH is suitable for splitting or pollination. ​Honey OATHs have a compartment on top called a honey super which allows you to remove honey with minimal disruption to the nest. We recommend honey OATHs even if you do not intend to extract honey, as they have better insulation on the top, an optional storage area and so are generally better homes for the bees. The brood excluder is clear - when transferring, splitting or educting into this empty honey OATH hive you may wish to tape over the gap at the back of the excluder to allow wonderful observation opportunities. You can use the adjustable strap provided to secure the honey super like a lid in these instances. When the box is looking full, remove the tape to allow the bees access into the honey super. Replace the honey super firmly and leave in place permanently for the bees to deposit extra food stores into. If you do not wish to tape over the excluder to see inside, use the permanent plastic straps to secure all compartments together immediately.

Two permanent plastic straps w buckles and an adjustable luggage strap are included. 

We recommend this box to divide any OATH hive which has the same footprint dimensions (280 x 200 mm). Some boxes use thinner or thicker wall material so the internal dimensions may differ, but this should not be a problem. Approximate internal volume: 8.5 Litres. Weight: 4.5kg.

The colour of the hive is Dulux P13H3 Cooled Cream.

This is an empty box only, so suitable for rescues, transfers and duplication of existing colonies. You cannot buy bees separately to the box.

Please note: Heavy Shipping orders can only be sent to a street address (not PO Box or Parcel Locker) - sorry for any inconvenience. If you are looking to purchase more than 4 honey OATH boxes you will need to place multiple orders as it exceeds courier weight limits of 20kg.