Sugarbag bees produces and sells a range of stingless bee keeping products including a hive stocked with bees, empty hive boxes, roofs and mounts for hives, tools, propolis, and honey. See below for a description of these products.
Hive Stocked With Bees
Want to keep your own stingless bees? You can start by finding your own nest and transferring it to a box. Or you can take an easy path and buy your first hive.  Pricing We sell Honey OATH hives stocked with a strong nucleus of bees for $550 each. Our...
The Australian Native Bee Book
The Australian Native Bee Book describes native bees generally and provides a complete guide to keeping stingless bees. It is richly illustrated with over 500 photos, drawings and charts to increase accessibility and aid learning. It is written by an expert who has spent his lifetime intimately engaged with these...

Empty Bee Hives

We sell empty hive boxes in four designs: Standard OATH (Original Australian Trigona hive) with observation roof, Honey OATH, Mini OATH, and Mini Honey OATH. 

All hive boxes are professionally made, built of 25 mm thick hoop pine, nailed and glued, and painted (three coats). They are guaranteed to fit together precisely (important for sealing out natural enemies and climatic extremes), and to last for many years. The bottom of the mid section (where you split a hive) has built-in bars to prevent slumping after a split and to allow a clean split. The sections are held together with plastic strapping. The hives have short metal feet and a second hole for ventilation. Strapping is included in the price.

These products are available for collection from 473 Montague Rd, West End. For delivery, add about $25 for P&H.

Original Australian Trigona hive (OATH)
The Original Australian Trigona Hive (OATH) is great for colony propagation by splitting, transferring and budding; but is not well suited for extracting honey. Our OATHs come with an observation window for internal inspection. The window is mounted on the top and covered by a removable lid to keep the...
Honey Oath Hive
This is our most common hive and the one we recommend for most purposes.  Compared with a standard OATH, the honey OATH has an extra compartment on top, called a honey super which allows you to remove honey with minimal disruption to the nest. Honey OATHs are also just as...
Mini OATH design
The mini OATH suits species with naturally smaller nests such as australis, clypearis, mellipes, etc... Like the normal size OATHs, the Mini OATHs come in both a two section standard with observation window and a three section honey version.  The shorter and flatter size reduces the volume. The internal volume...
Unassembled Boxes (flat pack)
We supply the timber (and plastic for brood excluder and split bars) to make one three part honey OATH hive, but it needs assembling, nailing, gluing, timber preservative (optional), landing board constructed and attached (optional), painting, entrance and ventilation holes drilled, feet obtained and screwed in. 
Unpainted Boxes
An assembled but unfinished three part honey OATH hive. We supply an assembled but unfinished three part honey OATH hive. I is assembled but needs timber preservative (optional), landing board constructed and attached (optional), painting, entrance and ventilation holes drilled, feet obtained and screwed in. 

Hive Accessories

Metal Roof
Just like a wooden house, a wooden hive exposed to the elements needs a protective roof. We sell an effective metal roof that extends over the front and back of the hive. It grips onto the hive by its own tension.  Contact us to pick up locally from West End,...
Wooden Shelf
Use this shelf to mount your hive on a wall or post. It comes with two long coach screws to attach it to a wall. For added stability, you can use a small screw to secure the hive to the shelf, either from below or through the side brace. 
Brick & Paver Stand
A concrete ¾-size block and a 300 mm square paver makes a simple, effective and attractive hive mount. For stability, you can dig a hole and partially bury the block. Use a concrete foundation for greater stability. Place the paver on top for a broader and more secure base for...
Metal Stand
Our welded and galvanized hive stand makes a durable hive stand. Drive the stand into the ground with a mallet. Place the hive on top. Fasten the hive and roof to the base using the metal strap.  60cm tall.  Contact us to pick up locally from West End, Brisbane
Sturdy Security Metal Stand
Use a sturdy steel mesh cage on a post in positions where security is a concern. The cage includes a roof and a lockable door. It will need to be concreted into the ground. Use a padlock to lock the door. 
Bed of Nails
This tool, which resembles a miniature bed of nails, is used to pierce the honey pots to extract honey. The price of a bed of nails is $40. Contact us to pick up locally from West End, Brisbane
Hive Tool
The American hive tool is ideal for separating hive sections and scrapping propolis.  Contact us to pick up locally from West End, Brisbane
Propolis from stingless bees is the authentic didgeridoo mouthpiece.  What is it?  Propolis is the nest-building material of Australian native stingless bees. Indigenous Australian's collected it from nests and used it for all kinds of traditional purposes, including didgeridoo mouthpieces. How do you use it? Don’t ask me; you’re the...
Honey extraction kit
This kit is all you need to start extraction honey from your Honey OATH. It includes a hive tool, bed of nails, box for collecting the draining honey, a 500 ml PET container and new straps and buckles for securing the hive closed after opening.
Picket hive mount
This galvanised (hot-dipped) unit allows you to easily mount your OATH hive on top of a steel picket (Y / star picket). The mount can be tightened onto the picket and the hive screwed or strapped to the mount.  Contact us to pick up locally from West End, Brisbane
Sugarbag is honey made by Australian native stingless bees. Normal honey is made by honey bees introduced from Europe. Both types of honey are a natural sweet substance originating from the nectar of flowers, which bees collect and transform. But sugarbag has its own special flavour. Try it drizzled over...