Empty Bee Hives

We sell empty hive boxes in four designs: Standard OATH (Original Australian Trigona hive) with observation roof, Honey OATH, Mini OATH, and Mini Honey OATH. 

All hive boxes are professionally made, built of 25 mm thick hoop pine, nailed and glued, and painted (three coats). They are guaranteed to fit together precisely (important for sealing out natural enemies and climatic extremes), and to last for many years. The bottom of the mid section (where you split a hive) has built-in bars to prevent slumping after a split and to allow a clean split. The sections are held together with plastic strapping. The hives have short metal feet and a second hole for ventilation. Strapping is included in the price.

These products are available for collection from 473 Montague Rd, West End. For delivery, add about $25 for P&H.